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Process Analyst

Simply superb shots!!!

Fiat Middle East

Simply lovely shots!!!


Mooi contrast tussen de scherpe kleurvolle schepen op de voorgrond en de wat wazige architectuur op de achtergrond.


bateau de misère proche de la richesse

Charles Ravndal

Awesome shots especially the last one!

Michael Rawluk

A very cool series of shots,Sidney.

dennis villegas

Hi Sidney,
These are some of the most beautiful shots of HK I have ever seen. The pictures of the old Sampan look nostalgic in contrast to the modern high-rise buildings in the background.
I'm sure you will feature here many of the Pinoys working in HK. I have many friends there and I hope you have taken their picture ;)

Wim van der Meij

Thnx for the story and the photos. The Chinese jonk is for the tourists I presume. The other two boats are wonderful; they do not look very seaworthy though.


Fine shots of the boats with the city haze clearly visible. Enjoyed the information you provided too. Nice one.


A pleasant contrast between modernity and past...


it sure looks beautiful.. very nice shots! :)


Beautiful colours against the city setting. I especially like the 2nd photo, the red is wonderful.


lovely contrast, well shot. I like the bright colors in front and the haziness in the back.


Très belles prises de vue de ces bateaux sur fond de grattes-ciels!


Ca, ce sont des bâteaux que l'on ne voit pas tous les jours ! Très jolis !


Hong Kong was under the British empire for so long I wonder why the people didn't absorb much the english language.


very interesting boats out there next to the sky scrapers!!!


Une véritable fourmilière humaine, ou la modernité (porte conteneurs) côtoie le passé (jonques) quotidiennement.


Those vessels are just great.
Love the contrast of the modern architecture with these typical vessels.


i love those boats! a trip to a different time!


No wonder it's a busy port, Sidney, when you think of how much is "Made in China!" I love the study in 3 different kinds of boats here. Again, very educational!


I really like these vessel pics. The second one rocks!

Otto K.

cool, I particularly like the second boat.

Photo Cache

lovely images. when did you go?


excellent clarity shot of the vessels here!

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